An Emmy award for Sheridan alumni, Richie Mehta

Story By Rex Astorga, Keah James, Esmeralda Penate, Helin Turk

Sheridan alumni Richie Mehta accepted the award for the Best Drama Series at the 48th International Emmy Awards on November 23.

Mehta wrote and directed the drama series Delhi Crime. The story is based on the true events of a woman who was sexually assaulted and murdered in 2012. The seven-part series centers around the police investigations into the case.

Mehta graduated from the Advanced Television and Film program in 2002. He says he had an incredible experience with instructors who were very supportive during his ten months of study in the program.

“Our instructors were incredible, they were supportive, taught life experiences,” he said. “I basically lived in the SCAET building for ten months everyday, all day, all night. I didn’t move, I was always working.”

Richie Mehta

The making of the series started over six years ago when Mehta was approached by a family friend to go investigate the news story. He went to New Delhi for the series, spending years researching and interviewing the individuals related to the crime.

The series premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2019. Eventually, Netflix acquired the series and released it in March 2019.

Mehta recognized the women who helped to make the series during his acceptance speech.

Winning the award was nice but at the same time, it’s not something he would celebrate due to the nature of the project. 

“It’s not the project I would celebrate as a result because it’s a true story. I wish it didn’t have to exist,” he said. 

Richie Mehta’s success continues its legacy for Sheridan graduates producing top talent for the film and television for over 40 years.

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