Sheridan’s League Of Legends March Grand Prix

Story by Brandon Chung

On Saturday, March 27th, Sheridan College held its League of Legends March Grand Prix. The event was hosted by Sheridan’s Esports Club for all students attending Sheridan. In addition, teams entered for the event could have up to two players from different schools. The event was sponsored by the developer of LOL Riot Games.

Players who entered the event formed teams of 5. These teams were placed in a randomly generated double elimination bracket where they would face off against other teams. The event lasted the entire day, running from morning till night.

The teams, depending on how well they performed, were rewarded with a multitude of prizes given directly from Riot themselves. Some of the prizes include Masterwork Chest & Keys. (An in-game currency that can give players skins, Riot Points, and more.

With both gaming and esports becoming a more widespread form of entertainment, events like these and others are sure to become more exciting and mainstream. When asked if they are going to be holding more, Sheridan Esports Club Executive Trevor Wilson had this to say, “We plan to do more of these monthly Grand Prix’s for League of Legends, and maybe other games as well.”