Green Shirt Day is Today

Green Shirt Day is a day to create awareness around organ donation, and a day to get everyone around the world to become registered organ donors.

“This day was initially created after our nation was hit by the tragic news of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash. Out of the 29 passengers, 16 of them lost their lives and the 13 survivors will, unfortunately, face physical and mental trauma for the rest of their lives,” says Ashton Wesley a registered, organ donor and advocate for Green Shirt Day.

Today marks the Humboldt Bus Crash three-year Anniversary. 

Out of these tragic circumstances something amazing has come out of it. 

“One of the young men who lost his life was raised in my hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta. His name was Logan Boulet. Little did he know that he’d save six lives, by simply signing up to become an organ donor. Logan inspired 150, 000 Canadians immediately to sign up to become an organ donor within two months of the Broncos Hockey team bus crash,” says Wesley. 

This number of signing up for becoming a donor increases daily. One of the reasons being because of what Logan did.

In turn this has created the effect known as ‘Logan Boulet effect’. This story has inspired many people and will continue to do so in the future.

Although, we can’t do much due to the pandemic we can share publicly through social media, we can share as much as possible. 

“If you’re not yet an organ donor and eligible to become one I challenge you to register to be an organ donor,” says Wesley.

You can simply do this by going on All you need to do is click the site and then scroll down, set your region and you’re now set to sign up. 

By signing up, you’re helping save lives for those who are in need of a organ donation.

Wearing your Green Shirt today you can post yourself wearing your green shirt and posting on social media using the hashtags #virtualgreenshirtday, #humboldt strong, #be inspired, and #LoganBouleteffect.

“Together we can start to create change, and save lives,” says Wesley.