50 Years of Journalism at Sheridan


2021 Marks the 50th anniversary of Journalism programs at Sheridan College. To celebrate the momentous event, Sheridan is holding an online event on Saturday, April 17th, 2021 from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm for all Journalism students past and present. Some of the key speakers attending the event are going to be David Common from CBC news, Helen Surgenor from CBC news, as well as appearances from retired faculty – Sherry Lawr, Leslie Butler, and Kathy Muldoon.

In the Spirit of the event, we decided to interview Nathan Mallet, both a Sheridan Alumni from the program. Nathan graduated from the program in 1996 along with his fellow classmate Cheryl Vallender, who is now the current coordinator of the Journalism program. He spent his time working as a magazine editor and as a freelance writer before coming back to teach in the Journalism program. He soon after became the editor for the Sheridan Sun and eventually took the mantle of program coordinator for the Journalism Program not long after that. He continues to work for the Sheridan Faculty as the Corporate Communications Coordinator at Sheridan

What was the Journalism Program like back in 1996?

Well it was a-lot different, definitely a-lot less technology. We didn’t have internet! There was a tiny little room next to the C-wing. You could sign out the room for 15 minutes to send an email or search something up. We had to do Journalism by walking around, sometimes it would even lead us outside of the campus.”

How has the Journalism program changed your life?

“Sheridan has been a constant presence in my life since 1995. Now looking back on it seems remarkable. I’ve always been either a student, professor or faculty member, and I’m grateful for that!”

The Sheridan Journalism Program has enjoyed 50 years of success and is looking forward to more successful years. For more information about the Journalism program visit the program page here: find out more for the program using this link.

To register for the 50th anniversary event, go here: https://www.sheridancollege.ca/events/2021/04/celebrate-50-years-of-journalism-at-sheridan