Don’t Miss The Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse.

By Nicole Botelho Simao

Photo by Yu Kato on Unsplash

The Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius peaks on May 26th.  The super flower name is a reference to May’s blooming flowers and has been attributed to Native American sources.

This is the only total lunar eclipse of 2021 and it is accompanied by this year’s biggest “super-moon”.

During the Super Flower Blood Moon, the moon will be passing through earth’s shadow, which causes the moon to appear red. This is where it gets the name blood moon.

The moon will also reach the closest point to the Earth in its current orbit making the moon appear slightly bigger than the average full moon, making it a “super-moon”.

If you are into astrology then this event is important because the Super Flower Blood Full Moon Eclipse will give us that push to explore new heights in our individual journeys.

No matter your sign, this is a good opportunity to spend some time reflecting. Meditation and journaling can help clarify what you need to release and what no longer serves you in order to raise your vibrations. 



If you want to see the Total Lunar eclipse and you live in the GTA you will have to watch the event online. According to the only a partial lunar eclipse will be visible in Mississauga starting Wednesday, May 26th at 4:47 A.M and will end at approximately 5:53 A.M. 

To find out the exact time the Eclipse will be happening in your area you can go to the Time and Date website. 

To watch it online you can go to the Griffith Observatory’s YouTube. The live stream is scheduled to start at  4:45 A.M EDT and end at 9 A.M EDT, just moments after the last partial phase of the eclipse has ended.