2021 Summer Guide

As the weather warms up, and the summer breeze starts to hit your face, getting outside is one of the things you might want to do. 

With restrictions still in place, no one knows how ‘normal’ the summer is going to be, there are still some great outdoor activities that you and some friends (masked up and socially distanced of course) can still do. 

Hiking trails are a great outdoor activity to work out legs and get some good cardio in. Kerncliff Park, located in Burlington is the perfect spot. Whether it’s for a 20 minute hike or an hour, this park is like a “choose your own adventure”. 

The park has its own trail system including 3 main ones and multiple side trails. It also includes Ian Side Trail and the Bruce Trail. 

There are no parking or admission fees, and no reservations are needed. But keep in mind that most trails do require reservations, so make sure to do a quick google search before heading up elsewhere.

If hiking seems like too much work, no need to worry, there’s plenty more activities around. Oakville Galleries is one of the many. While you can’t go in to look at the exhibitions, the gardens are still open to the public. With a view of Lake Ontario and beautiful fountains, this is a perfect spot for picnics or just basking in the sun.

For a bigger adventure check out the Toronto Islands. Both ferries and water taxis are still running but at a half capacity. The 820 acre island is filled with activities that will last the whole day.

From beaches, to picnic and BBQ areas the islands have a place for everyone. Of course some things have been put on hold since the pandemic, but most are available. Tickets can be bought online and all passengers must wear masks during the ride.

Summer will be different again this year, but just because it’s different doesn’t mean the (safe) fun has to stop. So, pack a picnic basket, take the dog out and enjoy what summer 2021 has to offer.