Screens Slashed

By Ossama Soffar


Halton Police are searching for two young men who slashed two screens at last week in Oakville. The slashed screens caused a considerable loss to the local movie theatre. Surveillance cameras recorded the details of the incident.

The two teenagers, wearing clothes that almost concealed their faces, entered quietly and directly. One of them sprinted in front of the screen. Tore it apart. A movie was being shown in the presence of a few audiences. The second teenager behind him was filming the event. In the video of the surveillance cameras, one viewer can be seen getting up from his seat and informing cinema administration. The men left this theatre and walked into an empty theatre and cut the screen there as well. His companion behind him filmed what he was doing. The two men left the theatre from the emergency exit at the back of the cinema.

The damage is enormous, according to the administration.

“We assume these clowns were doing a social media stunt as the little guy was filming everything. They wanted their 15 minutes of fame; now they get it, and hopefully, this video will lead to arrest and humiliation. It is costing us for new screens plus lost shows. The last thing we needed after having been closed and revenue-less for almost two years during COVID,” the administration said on INSTAGRAM. only recently reopened since the latest COVID restrictions.

Film.Ca Cinemas opened on December 30, 2005 and was previously known as Encore Cinemas. Jeff Knoll founded Encore Cinemas; Knoll worked in the theatre industry and then saw it was time to provide affordable viewing venues.