CJF, JSC, and MJP launch $200,000 bursary for journalists

By Jason Octavo

On March 9, the Canadian Journalism Foundation, J-Schools Canada-Écoles-J Canada, and the Meta Journalism Project announced a $200,000 bursary program. Up to 100 bursaries for JSC-ÉJC journalism students will be funded.

Vice-chair of J-Schools Canada-Écoles-J Canada, Tim Currie, says students will apply through their own programs. “Each member institution of J-Schools Canada, who was approved for this initiative, will determine their own uses for their money and their own eligibility criteria for their students.”

CJF President and Executive Director Natalie Turvey, says they are excited to team up with J-Schools Canada and the Meta Journalism Project to launch this program.

The CJF is moving deposits by about $8,000-$12,000 to each accepted JSC-ÉJC member. The bursary is available to full or part-time students currently in a journalism program given by a JSC-ÉJC member. During the 2022-23 academic year, students can use their bursaries to take part in career-related opportunities.

“What we want to do is give our member programs the flexibility to use the funding in the ways that they see best for their own students,” said Currie. “So we are asking them to use it for career development purposes.”

“What we hope students gain from this is the applied learning, so take their skills and bring it to a professional environment,” said Currie.

“I think it’s clear that real world experience as part of a journalism education is one of the most important pathways to getting a job after graduation,” said Currie. “And not just any job but the kind of job that forges a meaningful connection with employers that results in engaging work for the student.”

Head of Media Partnerships for Meta, Marc Dinsdale says this program will help students gain experience to prepare for their journalism careers while reducing financial loads.

Member programs of J-Schools Canada-Écoles-J Canada will be able to apply to the bursary program for their journalism students.

For more information on the bursary, click here.