SSU Board of Directors Looking For New Members

Story by Jed Salibay, Avery Fry, Alexandra Law, and Dalia Sibie

The Sheridan Student Union (SSU) is now accepting nominations for its elections. The SSU is seeking members for the Board of Directors for the 2023-2024 school year.

Students who get elected will represent the school community, consisting of approximately 23,000 full-time and day part-time students, throughout the academic year. According to the SSU website, members of the Board of Directors will be a voice for Sheridan students and help advocate for the best experience at the College; meet new people, make meaningful connections, and make an impact on the community together; get practical work experience and develop skills that will help students in their chosen careers; receive co-curricular credit for the work that they do; and get paid for their contributions to the Board.

According to the SSU website, the Board’s responsibilities include maintaining constant contact with the student population, advocating for a better student life on behalf of all Sheridan students, developing a long-term strategic vision for the SSU, and monitoring the SSU President’s performance. Directors are expected to attend every team meeting and reasonably assume a commitment for eight to fourteen hours per month. They are also expected to act as a student representative for various events and committees.

Some students voiced how they see the Board of Directors working for them. “More jobs, definitely for first-year students,” says Karolina Lewy, a Bachelor of Film and Television student in her first year. “I think the upper years have TAs and stuff, so maybe something like that for first years,” says Lewy. Some students want to see more participation from the community. “I think maybe something that can get a lot more students involved,” says Jonathan Guinto, also a first year student in the Bachelor of Film and Television. “Like students in any, whichever year, involved,” says Guinto.

“I want to see more events, like volume wise,” says Zhouxiao Zhang, a student in Visual and Creative Arts. “Maybe including free food or drinks. Yeah, I would love to come.”

The SSU is asking that applicants be a fee-paying student at Sheridan with a minimum 2.5 GPA average or a first-year student and at least 18 years old. Students are asked to provide a copy of their current school schedule to prove they are a student at Sheridan, a headshot photo of themselves to promote their campaigns, a 60 second introduction video to explain why the applicant should be elected to the Board, and the name and number of another Sheridan student who can vouch that the applicant is a good fit.

There are 12 positions on the SSU Board of Directors. The due date for applications is March 15th at 4:00 PM ET. The candidates whose applications are accepted will meet on the 17th at HMC. They will campaign from the 21st to the 26th. The voting period will be from the 27th to the 29th.

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