On-Campus Job Opportunities for Sheridan Students: Peer Mentor


Sheridan students looking for work may not have to look very far.

On-campus job opportunities provide an excellent way for students to make extra money, engage with the larger Sheridan community, and avoid commute costs.

One such job opportunity is being a Peer Mentor. As a position available on all three campuses, Peer Mentors work to support, coach, and mentor their fellow students. Those looking to apply must be full-time students who have completed at least one academic term by the end of the Spring/Summer 2023 term. 

Shubhodwe is a Peer Mentor at Trafalgar. There are many jobs are currently available to students on campus and students looking to get directly involved with the Sheridan community might want to consider a position with the Peer Mentor program. “These roles focus on helping students to grow academically and in their leadership skills,” says Shubhodwe. 

As Peer Mentors you can help new students learn, feel included, and get connected with the community. Shubhodwe says being a Peer Mentor helps build skills like leadership and accountability. However, since Peer Mentors come from all programs, the opportunity to learn is even greater. “We can learn different skills from every single person because not everyone knows about everything. So we try to share whatever knowledge we have,” says Shubhodwe.

Shudbhodwe added that being a Peer Mentor gives you a chance to be creative, make new friends, get to know your campus, and be more involved with the Sheridan community.

So how do Sheridan students feel about the Peer Mentor program? 

First-year students, Tessa and Selina feel positive about the program and its impact on students but say they would want to wait before applying to become Peer Mentors. “Personally, I wouldn’t do it just because I’m learning everything new in my program and I’m a first year. Probably when I’m a third or fourth year, yeah, as all my Peer Mentors are third or fourth years. But probably not right now,” says Tessa.

“My program is only two years, so my Peer Mentors are only second-year students, right? So, I don’t know. I feel like…I feel like I just wouldn’t have the time to do it. It’s not something I wouldn’t want to do necessarily. It’s just something like…I feel like you need to have enough time and patience and stuff. And that’s just something I don’t have the capability for,” says Selina.

Tessa says her program has a lot of Peer Mentors. Selina says her program only has a couple of mentors, both of whom sit in during classes and are always available to support students, whether in person or online. 

The ability to get a job on campus is something that provides many benefits for students. “I think they’re very important, especially for students who live on the residence and don’t have a form of transportation to get like an off-campus job. It’s very convenient, you don’t have to go anywhere, and they’re very flexible with hours,” says Selina.  

The deadline to apply for a Peer Mentor position is April 24th. The job starts on August 7th, 2023 and runs until December 15th. Students looking to apply must do so online via the Sheridan Works posting. Training will be given to selected applicants once the position begins in August.

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