A New Look for Hazel McCallion Central Library

By John Gardiner, Ryan Persaud and Joseph Facundo

The city of Mississauga unveiled the new Hazel McCallion Central Library.

The newly renovated library located in the heart of Mississauga, near the HMC Sheridan College campus, stands not just as a repository of books but will be fostering knowledge and community.

Visitors of the library can enjoy all new workspaces, programs, and services as of February 12th, 2024. The most notable workspace is the maker space studios. Where visitors can choose from a wide range of activities to aid them in their personal or business ventures. The maker space studios are in the basement of the library providing a quiet place to be creative.

If you need a break though, you can always head to the third or fourth floor. Where you can choose from activities such as gaming or baking. Each room is fitted with the most up-to-date technology and appliances.

Anyone interested in research can dive into the history of Mississauga in a room dedicated to its past. The room is staffed by someone to aid you in your research.

The new space prioritizes the sound of the library by moving the children’s section to the ground floor. This change helps to keep the sometimes chaotic sounds of the child section separate from the rest of the library

These new availabilities are not only important for the legacy of Mayor McCallion but also for the community of Sheridan College. “I think it is important because I think they are trying to attract more students and more people to the library, so they [bring] excellent facilities… these attract more young people, and young people are the future,” says Renata Bargas, an HMC Sheridan College student.

The new renovations to the library not only are an aid for the Sheridan College community but also for the community of Mississauga as a whole. “They need a place. Especially if you are living in downtown Mississauga. [They are] probably in a small condo and need another place to be and with [their] friends,” says Laura Reed, manager of the Hazel McCallion Central Library.

Having this library available to Sheridan students will be essential for succeeding in any individual’s studies. Knowing Mayor Hazel McCallion’s reputation, she would be honoured to have her name linked to the epicentre of learning in Mississauga.