“Trad-wives” and Women’s Rights

Modern-day feminism has brought choice to women. Women are choosing to be more career-focused or stay home to have kids and be homemakers.

Trad-wives,” as they’re called online, have started to have a more significant platform on social media. These women are taking on more traditional roles in the household.

“Trad-wives” on TikTok have brought forward some of the issues that many women face, such as external pressures from their partners.

Some of the “trad-wives” on TikTok are receiving backlash for adopting a more traditional lifestyle. Words on their TikTok page such as “submission” and “biblical” have caused an uproar.

Some of the “trad-wives” reasoning for choosing this way of life is either rooted in their religion or because of their values.

“Some [feminists] see it as a personal choice that’s rooted in traditional values, while others view it as regressive, limiting women’s agency,” says Laura Bertini, a feminist activist.

There are some “trad-wives” being criticized for “bringing back the 50s” as some commenters say. Some users even say that it is not empowering for women to be stuck as housewives. Some TikTok users argue that caring for children and the home is not a full-time job and women should have a “plan B.”

This is not the first time that the feminist movement has been brought into question, with the increased use of social media as a platform for many activists. Many people do not fully understand what the feminist movement looks like in the modern age.

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According to Bertini, some of the goals of modern-day feminism revolve around workplace discrimination and challenging patriarchal structures while promoting inclusivity and justice for all genders.

In the World Economic Forum’s 2023 Global Gender Gap Report, Canada placed 30th on the gender gap index at 0.770. Canada also reports a 16.67 per cent gender pay gap. The feminist movement is working to close the pay gap for women in the workplace. “Trad-wives” are seen by some users online as an opposition to this goal.

“Women being who they want to be and choosing the role they play in society is female empowerment because it is their choice,” says Bertini.

Every woman is different and will have a new perspective on traditional gender roles. Feminists like Bertini are focusing on empowering women to make their own choices, while still fighting for equality.