Night out safety

New Year’s Eve Celebration in Michigan, Photo by Rachel White

Studies show people turning the legal drinking age will drink for their birthday, approximately 80%-90%. Although there is nothing wrong with celebrating your birthday with a drink, there are risks if consuming too much. Therefore, it’s important to stay safe if you’re unfamiliar with drinking, bar, and club scenes.

When people celebrate, many people will turn to a local bar or club as there will be a lot more people there. However, when you put yourself around more intoxicated people, there can be a higher risk of dangers.

The most popular dangers one can face on a night out can include fighting, sexual assault, drug usage and impaired driving. Many of this can stem from intoxication and people having more belligerent behaviour.

Heather Howse, Courtesy by Relationship Therapy Centre

Heather Howse, is a registered Psychotherapist. She, talked to us about how to stay safe during a night out. “Being in a crowded place where there are a lot of people gives you witnesses, having an exit strategy so you know where the doorways are in case you’re being followed and you need to leave, having support systems that you can keep in your phone on speed dial so you could call someone quickly, just looking at different elements when you’re going out in advance of your evening is a good idea,” says Howse. “Not walking alone in a dark laneway or down a street by yourself, having extra money to take an Uber or a taxi, you know, putting a safety plan together is probably the best method of prevention.”

Safety plans are one of the best ways to ensure you stay safe. When you go out for a night, you have no idea what will happen. It’s important to always have a contact you can call in case you need support or extra money for an Uber if you need to leave. Taking precautions will help prevent stressful situations if one were to arise on a night out.

Video by Amber Pigion