Showing that Sheridan’s Got Talent

By Joseph Facundo, John Gardiner and Ryan Persaud

Photo Courtesy of Aidan Scrimgeour “Scrim”

On February 13 and 15 students had a chance to win a cash prize of $500 at Sheridan’s Got Talent competition and the opportunity to go on to compete in Ontario’s Got Talent. 

The second-place and third-place winners received a cash prize of $100 and $50 respectively. 

Callum Armstrong from the Honours Bachelor of Film and Television was the winner at Trafalgar. He revealed his white suit underneath a trench coat in an energized singing performance of Beauty School Dropout by the musical Grease. He says his inspirations are Frank Sinatra, Frankie Avalon and Tom Jones. 

Callum Armstrong, Photo Courtesy of Aidan Scrimgeour “Scrim”

“I have no words, really no expressive word of what I feel today,” said Callum Armstrong. “I did it for fun from the first open mic, since then I feel obligated to perform for the audience, I do it for fun and the people.” 

Armstrong says he will spend his winnings on his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day.

Photo Courtesy of Aidan Scrimgeour “Scrim”

The performance that won at HMC was from Leanne Gulmayo from the Honours Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting program. 

Leanne Gilman, Photo Courtesy of Ryan Persaud

She performed the song Hold My Hand by Lady Gaga. Gulmayo dedicated her song to her mother and her Guinea Pig Fluffy. 

There were a lot of great performances making it difficult for the judges to choose. However, there were some qualities the judges looked for. 

“Confidence, knowing your strengths and being prepared to perform in front of an audience are the three things needed to have a good performance,” said talent show judge Mostafa Babouli. “A five out of five performance means being focused, knowing exactly what they are doing, and eye contact with the audience – so not trying to memorize.” 

The winners will compete in Ontario’s Got Talent on March 10, 2024, hosted by Conestoga College. 

“With all the great talent I’ve seen today, I am absolutely terrified of what comes next,” said Armstrong.

Sheridan’s Got Talent at Sheridan’s HMC Campus.