Viewers the real losers in Batman vs. Superman

batman-v-superman-dawn-of-justice-000220568BY ELISE MORTON

Slow paced and far too long, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice fails to provide enough excitement during the events leading up to the showdown between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel.

Unlike the trailers, which left viewers and comic fans sitting on the edge of their seats and anxious to see more, the overly hyped movie takes too long to get to the action and main point.

The movie opens on a dark note with the death and burial of Bruce Wayne’s parents before jumping to a short, intense scene of the fight between Superman and General Zod from the 2013 Man of Steel.

Amid the destruction in Metropolis we see Wayne surrounded by the rubble of his former tower, angrily watching the kryptonian’s laser beams slice through buildings, causing them to fall like dominos.

Dramatic and action packed, this powerful scene leaves an emotional scar on Wayne who is still suffering 18 months later from the loss of his employees. Although, the older and sour version of Batman, played by Ben Affleck, holds a grudge against Superman, played by Henry Cavill, he is preoccupied by terrorizing and branding the criminals in Gotham.

The reason for the bat branding is unknown, but it gives reporter Clark Kent, Superman’s real life cover, a reason to question and criticize Batman’s methods and want to challenge him journalistically.


The big-budget movie directed by Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) has multiple storylines and plot twists and unnecessary character appearances, which delays the moment everyone is waiting to see.

“The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. God vs. man. Day vs. night,” says Lex Luthor.

With “Dawn of Justice” included in the title and the competition between Marvel and DC, it’s clear why Snyder is trying to fit as much information into the film as possible. This film’s attempt to reference upcoming superhero movies and the beginning of the Justice League falls flat and drags the story along.

Although Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, was an unnecessary addition to the movie she was the only hero who knew what was going on. She was amazing during the scenes she appeared in and in some ways, she stole the show.

From a flying man in a red cape to a heavily armoured and equipped man in a bat suit, the movie heavily relies on special effects to bring this world of chaos, destruction and superheroes to life. It does a good job of making things seem realistic without going overboard.

Unfortunately, only Jesse Eisenberg’s psychotic Lex Luthor, who is truly motivated to destroy the Man of Steel, is determined to see this fight between the Batman and Superman. A spoiled rich kid, this obnoxious and Jokerish villain is the true reason why the two superheroes faceoff and he pulls all the strings to get them together.

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