Take Back the Night at Sheridan College



Sheridan students came together Tuesday night to march around Trafalgar Campus to raise awareness of all forms of violence against men, women and children. Take Back the Night was held by the Child and Youth Care/ Social Service Workers peer mentors.

Associate Dean Mary Louise Noce  spoke passionately about reclaiming the right to safety. “Tonight we stand in solidarity in those who chose hope over fear,” she said.

Supervising counsellor/program coordinator for SAVIS (Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention Services) Rebecca Burrows, presented Canadian statistics on violence against women and trans people and explained that “58 per cent of women feel worried while waiting for or using public transit along after dark,” she said

Valeriia Voronina, Social Service Worker student
Valeriia Voronina, Social Service Worker student (Photo by Colleen Podmoroff/The Sheridan Sun)

Valeriia Voronina, a Social Service Worker student, came to show her support. “One of my professors recommended this event, and I’ve had a personal experience with violence and it’s very important for me to support other women who experienced violence and assault,” she said.

Take Back the Night started in the late 1960s as an international annual event.

Nicole Johnson, Social Service Worker Professor said, “The peer mentors hold this event in partnership with SAVIS. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness for violence against children, women and Trans communities. We know the statistics are very high especially amongst colleges and university aged people. So we need to shed light on this issue.”The event ended with chants and cheers as around 50 attended to end the silence that surrounds violence and assault.

Nicole Johnson, Social Service Worker Professor
Nicole Johnson, Social Service Worker Professor




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