Peel Police team with Sheridan students at Toys for Tots


Peel Regional Police teamed up with Sheridan’s Police Foundation students yesterday for their annual Toys for Tots charity hockey game. The game supports youth in the Peel region struggling through the holiday season.

“This is the ninth year for this hockey game by my understanding which is fantastic, and it’s for a very worthwhile cause. I can’t think of a better charity for this time of year than Toys for Tots,” said Deputy Chief Dave Jarvis. “It’s all about the kids and the kids are here today to show that and show their support so for that we thank Sheridan and I thank the officers for coming out and participating.“

The Toys for Tots charity hockey game was spearheaded by Chris French of the Peel Regional Police who is also a Sheridan alumni.

“It was his vision for him to work with Police Foundations and then get the peer mentors involved so every year peer mentors organize the event,” says Julie Dempsey Sheridan Police Foundations professor and event coordinator.


Joining the festivities were students from Cardinal Newman Catholic School. Both Peel Police and Sheridan put on a show for the Cardinal Newman students, which included shootouts and plenty of cheers from the crowd and the organizers behind the scenes. “We come to South Fletchers every year to host this game and it always has a great turn out,” said Police Foundation mentor Soorena Baharloo. “I really want to thank all of the participants and people who organized this event, it wouldn’t be the same without them.”

Sheridan’s Police Foundation students actively visit Cardinal Newman to participate in their Iron John and Jane program, which mentors at risk youth through various reading, writing and sports-related activities.

“The involvement of the Iron John program in our school means so much to these kids because the Iron Johns and Janes care so much for them and really have become a part of our community and our Newman family,” says Shirley Sequeira, a Grade 8 teacher at Cardinal Newman Catholic School.

“When our students found out that the program was having this charity game for Toys for Tots, it was almost a way for our students to give back to these people who have given so much to them. When we explained its not just a hockey game, but it’s a way to support these wonderful people who spend so much time and energy with our kids, it meant so much to them. It’s really like a family that’s developed such a strong bond.”

Sheridan students played a close game, but lost 10-6 to the officers.

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