A woman named November


November Davies is a 45-year-old paralegal student at Sheridan College. There is more to her than meets the eye. November lost her vision just over seven years ago to Type 1 diabetes. She lost her vision over a five-day span and it has not been easy to overcome.

November Davies smiling while explaining how she sees the world. (Photos by Amelia Sher/Sheridan Sun)

But November didn’t let blindness stop her from doing anything that she wanted to do. She went to Sheridan College for the Social Worker program and graduated with honours which was one of the proudest days of her life. She wants to pursue paralegal studies at Sheridan. November wants to challenge laws that were mandated by the CRTC that directly affect blind people, some of which include broadcasting and the amount of content in media that is accessible to the blind people.

November waiting for the bus.

November is an inspiration to students who want to go through any program with a disability. She uses what happened to her as a way to spread awareness and advocates at many different types of places from a juvenile detention centre to coming and speaking at classes at Sheridan.

In Part 1 November explains what it was like to lose her vision.

In Part 2 November details how she sees the world.

In Part 3 November says what she would like to do with her future and explains one of the most important moments of her life.