Randy and Mr. Lahey entertain at The Marquee


Mr.Lahey and Randy performed for students at the Marquee. (Photos by: Andrew Semkow/The Sheridan Sun)


Students returning to Sheridan last week found their transition back a little easier, when Randy and Mr.Lahey brought their comedy show to The Marquee. The Trailer Park Boys duo took to the stage to perform. Unlike their performance on the show, Randy and Lahey’s act featured prop comedy, sketches, and songs, all while staying in characters from the show.

Mr.Lahey (John Dunsworth) has funs with fans. Before the show.

Unique decisions were made to accommodate Sheridan’s audience. While originally set to have a sit down meet and greet, John Dunsworth (Mr.Lahey) and Patrick Roach (Randy) opted to walk around and sign autographs and take photos with fans, Roach went on to explain that it’s a numbers game, and rather than just decide on a crowd limit, hanging out and horsing around with the audience would be much better choice. The items people got signed were unique, ranging from spray paint to empty bottles of Trailer Park Boys whiskey.

Maisie DeGraaf shows off her drawing.

The show consisted of Randy and Mr. Lahey pitching everything from over-the-top products to smoke weed, urinate, to alcohol-based religions. In some sketches they dressed up as Batman and Robin, as well as performed songs ranging from country to hip-hop, even the Canadian national anthem. The audience was enjoying themselves, laughing hard at the jokes and singing along when they could. And while the audience was laughing hard, Roach admitted that Dunsworth cracks him up on stage. “Sometimes he makes me almost cry, he’s so funny.”

Maisie DeGraaf became part of the show.

While most got to sit down and take in the show, one student was lucky enough to be brought up on stage by the duo and take part in the act, Maisie DeGraaf, who was used to help illustrate their “feminine” products,“It was scary at first, but then as soon as I got up there they were so nice to me.” explained DeGraaf. Originally a fan, she had just started rewatching the show and created a new fan. “My girlfriend just moved here from China three years ago and I started watching the show with her, and she fell in love with it.”

Before the show Randy (Patrick Roach) enjoys some cheeseburgers.

Originally approached about doing a show by agents, they found help with the booking from Sheridan regular XXX hypnotist Tony Lee, who put them onto the college touring circuit.

The show Trailer Park Boys is currently streaming on Netflix. The new season will be available in March.

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