HMC2 opens doors


The day Sheridan staff and students have been waiting for has finally arrived. The new Hazel McCallion Campus expansion is finally complete.
Back in 2011 the demand for enrollment spaces at HMC had exceeded capacity. In 2014 construction began to improve the campus and to expand it. Now complete with 57 new classrooms, meeting rooms, cafeteria, innovation centre and more, the campus has lived up to its long-awaited expectations. The campus is able to accept 3,200 additional full-time students which increases the chances for people to attend Sheridan.
The process has not been an easy one. With delays and slight conflicts, the opening day of the campus was pushed back greatly leaving students and staff very frustrated. With the campus not ready, students who were supposed to attend the Mississauga campus were expected to attend the Oakville campus despite what living arrangements they made prior to the fall 2016 semester starting.
Gillian Fox, a second year interior decorating student, attended the Oakville campus in her first year at Sheridan. Her program was moved to the HMC campus for her second year. “The biggest disappointment was finding housing in Mississauga to then find out we would be attending the Oakville campus for the first semester.” But the disappointment fell to the side when she saw the new campus. “This is such a big step for our program. It is way more beneficial. We have more room for our printers which require so much space, we have a new resource room which will help us complete our projects and it has all of our textiles and finishes. None of my classrooms are located in the basements anymore witch helps us so much because now our spaces are lit with natural lighting for sketching and such. I’m so happy.”
With the new an improved work spaces, students are able to show their true talents and potential without running in to too much difficulty. It has given students a new and improved way to learn and now offers a much broader range of program opportunities.
Mitchell Moher, who is also in interior decorating is also very impressed and happy about the new campus. “This campus is so beneficial to because now we have our own space for studios and we can have all the time in the world to be in those rooms. It feels good to have a space built specifically for our program that now we can enjoy even more.”

With nothing but positivity, the students can feel free to think creatively and work their hardest. It is an exciting step for Sheridan and it is with open arms that Sheridan begins to accept the students who made not have a spot before.
The Hazel McCallion Campus offers business programs, including four-year degrees in accounting, finance, human resources management and marketing management. The new facility has architecture, interior design, creativity, communications, and business, advertising and merchandising.

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