SSU president set to say goodbye

Sylvia Ibrahim, SSU president for the past two years, will leave office in April. (Photos by Samreh Osborne/The Sheridan Sun)


Sylvia Ibrahim has been the face and the voice for SSU for two years, but in April she will be leaving her office.

“I have four months left in my position but wherever life takes me, I will make sure my passion is what’s driving me. I’m fortunate enough to have had lots of support assisting me in accomplishing my goals over the last 2 years. The board elected me in May 2015, I was then evaluated based on the goals that they have set for me and was granted a second year.

“This is a contract position of maximum two years to allow for new students to take on such an important role advocating for their fellow students. Though many positive changes happened within the SSU, my top three accomplishments would be the Student Loan Program, The Friendship Bench installations and finally, working closely with our marketing team to make sure we have student generated content encouraging students to reach out to us about any issues, concerns or general feedback,” says Ibrahim.

Growing up in Bahrain, Ibrahim and her younger sister were raised by a supportive, and open-minded parents who encouraged their daughters to follow their dreams. Ever since Sylvia was a little girl, she had passion for interior decorating. She loved decorating homes before she even knew there was such thing as an interior decorator.

Her childhood prepared her for coming to Canada as an International Student to pursue her dreams, with her sister along side.

“We picked Canada because we have family here as well. I went to a French school in Bahrain so I was always surrounded by people from all over the world with different cultures and upbringings, which of course helped me when I moved to Canada. I moved here in September 2013 as an international student and I’m so grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had so far,” says Ibrahim.

Sylvia Ibrahim in her SSU office at Trafalgar Campus..

“I graduated from the Interior Decorating program. At the time, the president position was only open to graduating Sheridan students given that it’s a full-time job. This year, I reached out to my board to change that. The position is now also open to students who are taking a minimum of one course, maximum of two and are willing to commit to this really rewarding job on campus.”

Applications are still being accepted for the new SSU president.

“We’re mostly looking for passion! If you have a passion for student life, with the right resources and attitude, you can do it! The president role requires lots of commitment, delegation and leadership,” says Ibrahim.

Ibrahim, who is currently a fan of the TV show Stranger Things, says she is still making plans for what she will do next.