SU election: Power to the students


Students, this is your time to make a difference. On Jan. 23 Sheridan started its search to find the next student leaders for 2017/2018. The Sheridan Student Union Board of Directors is looking for new members to represent the Sheridan student body. The board consists of 12 elected students who represent the student body.
For the first time, the SSU is holding their nomination process online. This means that any student wanting to run in the election can download their application, read election policies and submit their application all online in one go. This makes it that much easier for students to make an impact around their school.

It does not take many qualifications to be part of the board of directors which gives all students the chance to become a leader. To apply, you have to be 18 years of age or older, be a full-time student and have a GPA of 2.5 and applications must be in by Feb. 3rd.
“Being involved is the first step to student leadership and is a great way to build on your student life and college experience,” says Katie Di llio, special project coordinator for the Sheridan Student Union.
“You get to learn about the SSU, the college, your student community and the ongoing initiatives that directly affect your student life. If you are passionate about making a change and bringing the student to the focus of all decisions made at the SSU, getting involved is the best way to do that.”
Sylvia Ibrahim, president of the SSU, highly encourages students to apply and encourages students to stay in the know about candidates and the promises they will be bringing forward. To find out more information about the election and board of directors, visit
Use your voice, you have the power to discover change!

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