Get Out keeps viewers on the edge of their seat


Get Out is a game changer.

Writer and director Jordan Peele. Photo courtesy of

Jordan Peele, writer, director and comedian, knows how to grab viewers by the throat from the very first scene and keep them gasping for air until the very end.

This movie is more than just a thriller as it gives a compassionate look at race while adding comedic relief. There was no lack of twists and turns and shocking scenes that had jaws on the floor.

The violence is not overdone, but when it happens, it really happens. Stabbing, shooting, blunt objects and a good amount of blood make it the perfect balance of violence and gore in key scenes of the film.
After five months of dating, couple Chris and Rose have reached the meet-the-parents stage of their relationship. Chris, hesitant at first to meet Roses parents, agrees to a weekend upstate but begins to question his choice when the Armitage family demonstrates strange behaviour. Brushing it off, Chris decides it is a nervous attempt to deal with the fact that their daughter is in an interracial relationship but quickly changes his mind as the uneasiness increases. Quiet but aware of his surroundings Chris begins to look for answers.The odd groundskeeper and maid, the neurotic behaviour of the Armitages and much more lead Chris on a nightmare adventure that leaves him fighting for his life and wondering who he can really trust.

Get Out is cast so well with brilliant talent. Daniel Kaluuya, who plays Chris Washington is the perfect leading man. He portrays his character with such depth that you feel as if you have met him before.
Allison Williams is breathtaking as Rose Armitage, the girlfriend of Chris Washington. She delivers her role to a tee and saying more about her will give away some major key points of the film. The rest of the Armitage family is beyond eerie giving the crowd a sense of discomfort while they were on screen. Catherine Keener and Bradley Whitford (Missy Armitage and Dean Armitage, parents of Rose) were outstanding. They knew how to play their characters to the point of getting under the audiences skin. Coming across as your average couple, you know from the beginning that they are far from it and they give an overwhelming sense of creepiness. Spectacular cast.

I have not seen anything like Get Out before and it would take a long time to write something that compares to it. Peele has started his directing and writing for film debut off on the right foot. Congratulations to him for creating a horror-thriller masterpiece.

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