Produce distributor visits Sheridan


Last week Bamfords Produce representatives Tanisha Dunklay, marketing manager, and Cherry Wilson, customer representative, visited Sheridan’s Trafalgar Campus.

They set up a display of their seductive fresh fruits and vegetables.

These included apples, pears, peaches, peppers, carrots, potatoes and lettuce.

Bamfords a produce distributor, distributes to businesses like restaurants, hospitals, schools, cafeterias and other varied food service operators.

Bamfords, visited the campus to support and shed light on their efforts to help supply and provide fresh foods for the school.

Cherry Wilson, a customer representative, with a map of distributions (Anya-Belle Brown/Sheridan Sun)


As a distributor for Chartwells dining service, which runs the food services for Sheridan campuses  Bamfords came to promote local home grown produce by our local Ontario farmers. Three Ontario farms were highlighted – DeDrew Farm, Nighting Farm and Shabatura Produce.

Bamford made the trip to the school in hopes to not only promote the farmers but to teach and inform the students that their school by using the produce is providing them with the freshest ingredients while supporting local growers  right here in their community.

They pointed out that the pears and peaches that they made available to us were grown in the Niagara-On-The-Lake region.


Jessica Langlas, Visual Creative Arts student, grabbing a paper from the basket (Anya-Belle Brown/ Sheridan Sun)

Bamford stayed for three hours, displaying information boards that showcased maps and the farm to table process.  Staff members also answered questions related to how and where the food is grown and harvested, and how the produce makes it to our own school. They also invited faculty and students to help themselves to the scrumptious apples and pears from the display.


“I found them to be visually appealing and impressive,” Jenessa Langlas, Visual and Creative Arts student said.

Langlas, then gladly helped herself to a pear.

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