Returning with new resolutions


Sheridan students returned to classes on Tuesday after a week-long holiday to finish up the last weeks of the fall semester that was extended due to the strike. Although the winter semester has yet to begin, many students are treating the beginning of 2018 as a symbolic start for goal-setting. Last week, Business Insider posted the best New Year’s resolutions to make based on science, that included tips to achieve common objectives such as losing weight or being more productive at work. 

Whether they believe in setting specific New Year’s resolutions or not, students agreed that they at least take time to reflect on their goals for the upcoming year.

We took to the halls to ask Sheridan to share their New Year’s resolutions.

  • "Can this be art-related? To improve on [drawing] backgrounds," says Alaine Babayan (left). "To improve my work ethic altogether. Everyone in my program works so hard so you feel bad if you half-ass anything," says Mikka Matibidad (right).
  • "To manage my time better," says Jessica Fulkerson (left). "To eat breakfast every day," says Stella Gigliotti (right).
  • "To be more confident and less shy," says Matthew Mioduszewski.
  • "Quit smoking," says Kira Hodge.
  • "I don't really believe in resolutions. I believe in goal-setting but I feel like if i label my goals as a 'resolution' I won't end up doing it," says Luke Wiggins.
  • "To get back into the gym," says Matthew Reid.
  • "Travel within and outside of Canada, experience new things, and mature as a person. I also really want to go bungee jumping," says Liam Rowe.


Are you making any New Year’s resolutions?

Yes! New year, new me.
I haven’t thought about it much.
No, I don’t believe in setting New Year’s resolutions.

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