Young Living: Essential to Canada’s wellness


A few of Young Living’s essential oil products. (Photo courtesy of Young Living Canada)

Young Living is celebrating five years of providing essential oils to Canadians.

The company is one of the leading distributers operating in the global market for essential oils. Young Living has been in business for more than 20 years in the U.S. but saw great opportunities in Canada for the use of the oils.

Young Living does not have a physical office in Canada, but has a supportive team in the country.  Canada plays a large role in the company as some of Young Living’s oils are harvested on the Northern Lights farm in Fort Nelson, B.C.

Essential oil being used for skin care. (Photo courtesy of Young Living Canada)

“The entrepreneurial trailblazers have helped envision a lifestyle that has over the past five years really united the health, passion and opportunity that has come to Canada,” says Lori Burgher, general manager at Young Living Canada.

The use of essential oils is said to aid the health of many people, relieving various ailments from headaches to insomnia.

“We’ve been using Young Living in our home for only six months but it has already created a huge impact in our current lifestyle. My husband, who had been using acetaminophen on a regular basis for migraine and back pain, has ditched this medication and switched to essential oil blends and they work for him,” says Gico Yap, an active member of Young Living residing in Saskatchewan.

Young Living essencial oils used to make makeup. (Photo courtesy of Young Living Canada)

The benefits do not stop in the medical field. Young Living, along with many essential oil companies, also create several natural products with their oils. These include food, self-care products, makeup and cleaning agents that are 100 per cent natural.

“I’m proud to make my DIY moisturizer, toner, lotion and house cleaners with essential oils,” says Yap.

The food and beverage industry is the top consumer of essential oils globally and the natural healing field follows close behind, according to Grand View Research.

There are also many ways to incorporate essential oils into everyday life. Diffusers can be used to expose a household to the beneficial properties of the oils. Supplements, in pill-form, are also available for those who may be sensitive to the smells of various essential oils.

Burgher says there are currently more than 130,000 active members in the Young Living community.

“Ultimately the last five years of success has been about the moments of realization that have connected each of us with a deeper purpose and a desire for the wellness of Canada… together we all continue to empower and elevate the lives of families from coast to coast,” says Burgher.

Essential oils have been used extensively throughout Europe and Asia for thousands of years but only became popular in North America recently.

The awareness of harmful chemicals in many products has opened the eyes of Canadians.

“We’re uncovering opportunities for greener choices and plant-based living that is touching generations of hearts every day. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it,” says Burgher.

The Essence of the Top 5 Most Popular Oils

Orange – treats spasms, sedative effect, relieves inflammation, prevents infections, relieves depression, treats memory loss

Corn – balances cholesterol levels, reduces inflammation, improves vision, prevents chronic deseases, reduces allergies

Eucalyptus – heals wounds, treats respiratory problems, removes mental exhaustion, relieves muscle pain, eliminates lice, removes intestinal germs, treats fever

Citronella – fights depression, eliminates infections, relieves spasms, reduces inflammation, removes bad door, eliminates toxins, stimulates urination, inhibits fungal growth, insect repellant, prevents stomach disorders

Pepper Mint – improves digestion, relieves headaches, good for dental and nail care, reduces stress, treats urinary tract infections, reduces pain, boosts immunity, improves blood circulation

(Information from Organic Facts)

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