Dips and Flicks pops on to Trafalgar Campus


On Monday, Oct. 29, The Marquee on Trafalgar Campus hosted its weekly movie night, which this week was the 2017 horror film IT, based on the Stephen King novel. The event, dubbed as Robert’s Dips and Flicks, is curated and hosted by Sheridan student and Marquee employee Robert Koumarelas. The main draw of the event is anyone can attend for free, with complimentary popcorn and rotating specialty dips.

“The movie Mondays started last year, but we kind of just put something on without advertisement and that was it. We also didn’t have dip. That was all this year,” said Koumarelas, who also gave a short, yet well-informed speech about the movie before it played.

Those who had attended were clearly interested in what Koumarelas had to say about the film, as the whole room went silent as soon as he appeared on stage.

Robert Koumarelas addressing the attendees of Dips and Flicks. (Photos by Alexander Margavio/Sheridan Sun)

“I love Robert going up and explaining the movie to everyone. Oftentimes people come just to hear Robert talk about the movie. Sometimes people like it more than the movie itself, that was especially the case with Donnie Darko, because hearing someone explain a movie that not many people can explain is mesmerizing,” said Scout Stolpmann, who also works at the Marquee.

Rob Andino and Scout Stolpmann at Dips and Flicks.

Even though it’s one of the more low-key events held at the Marquee, that doesn’t mean it is  any less appreciated by participants. “It’s a good way to relax after our mid-term,” said Sheridan student Maddie Hand, who was enjoying the horror flick with her two friends Brandon Rollo and Raymond Cabbab.

Raymond Cabbab, Maddie Hand, and Brandon Rollo.

A free movie isn’t the only drawing point of the event, the other aspect of the evening is the specialty dips can be ordered from the Marquee during the event.

“I used to work at a certain restaurant during the summer, and I learned how to make this spinach artichoke dip. We sold it during last year’s Monday movie nights, it then spiralled into all these posters seen around the campus and took on a life of its own from there,” said Koumarelas.

Robert Koumarelas in front of the announcement board outside the Marquee.

“It offers a good alternative for movies aside from the Friday movies that play in the SCAET wing,” said Koumarelas with pride when asked how Dips and Flicks is different from other movie-based events held on Trafalgar Campus. Dips and Flicks is held every Monday the Marquee is open. Check out the SSU site for more info.

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