Sheridan set for annual open house


Sheridan College will be hosting its annual open house, Nov. 10 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at all campuses.

Choosing a school is a big decision and the open house can help potential students decide if this is the right school for them.

Alisha Karr works in Student Recruitment. (Photo by Tatyana Fagan/Sheridan Sun)

“The open house is the day everyone wants. They want to see inside all the classrooms, they want to talk to all the people specific to their program and they want to have all their questions answered, so this is that day,” said Alisha Karr, who works in Student Recruitment.

The main purpose of the open house is to direct students on the right path. “It’s not an orientation. Orientation is for when students get accepted and they’re starting. The open house is directed at students who are considering what school they’re going to and what is right for them. It’s an event for people who are planning their education. This is the time where all colleges and universities do their open houses because around this time Grade 12s are doing their research,” said Karr.

When going to the open house you can expect a lot of different activities. “Each program does there very best to answer questions that people have. For example, for Film and Television, they put on a production, open up five studios. Campus tours will be going on, painting and live models in Illustration. It’s a really cool day to see all the programs in action,” explained Jenny Harvey, a student in the Illustration program who will be assisting.

The open house is a great opportunity. “Not only questions but once you register for the open house, there’s a chance you could win $1,000 Sheridan tuition credits. That is such a great opportunity especially for the students who really need it,” said Harvey.

The open house is the largest campus-wide event. “ Student Recruitment represents Sheridan as a whole so that everyone understands what Sheridan is, what programs we offer. The whole school hosts this event, from the President down to us,” said Karr.

Sheridan holds not one open house but two. “The first open house is the biggest one. This is where people come with the most questions. There is also an open house in April when most students that attend are sitting home with their offers to various schools and maybe they didn’t see us the first time around or they want another look. We run this open house to help them make their decisions,” explained Karr.

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