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Most people go to the Royal Botanical Gardens to look at plants and nature, but last Saturday, people went for Fashion Week. 

Designers from all over the GTA came to strut their stuff, brands like Hot Mess Swimwear, QD Collection, Sara Susi, Thrifty Designer, Eleanor Geraldine, but it was ZANDER who really stole the show.

ZANDER, a GTA clothing brand, was showing off their new “Concepts Capsule” collection, a mix of formal wear with casual. The pair showed off reworked thrifted suits, cut-and-sewed pieces, outerwear, pants, crewneck sweaters, as well as clothes from their Season 4 collection.

Sam Letnick 19, a Ryerson student and his partner Matthew Alexander 23, a Mohawk grad, have been working together and making clothes for two years now. They are a fresh new brand in a cutthroat and difficult industry to get ahead in, but so far they are doing very well, even the host of the fashion show at RBG said that he sees ZANDER becoming a household name in the future.   

Backstage after the fashion show, the ZANDER boys had a lot to talk about, where we can grab their clothes, what the crowd saw, and what they have planned for the future.

Where can we get our hands on your products?

Sam: You can purchase our clothes at

What can we expect to see from ZANDER in the future?

Matt: The whole idea for this runway was “Concepts” and where we want ZANDER to go in the future in terms of the looks and design. We want to bring the art gallery to the office.

Sam: In the future, you can see some classier stuff, some more out of the box thinking design wise. Media production wise, we’re doing a whole lot more than just clothes. You can look forward to seeing video, photography and all types of media stuff. For clothes you can look forward to more of our Capsule Collection shown here tonight.  

If you’d like to catch their next fashion show, you can follow them on instagram @zanderwashere.

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