Students look to their future at Sheridan open house


Students packed Sheridan’s Trafalgar Campus on Saturday, Nov. 10 for the college’s annual open house.

The annual event aims to attract future students who are just beginning to think about post-secondary education. Through guided tours offered by the student union, students are able to check out the campus they could potentially call home. Program coordinators and professors are also available to answer questions the students might have about courses offered.

For some of the interested students, Sheridan’s reputation alone warranted a visit.

“I want to go into character animation, “ said Riddhi Deshpande, a Grade 11 from Woodbridge.  “My dream ever since I was little is to work at Disney, which made me think of animation and character design. I heard that Sheridan is a really good school for that. I really like it [Sheridan]. I want to come here, and I want to learn everything about animation.”

For others, the chance to get hands-on with the equipment in a newsroom was too good a chance to pass up.

“I think it’s really cool [the studio],” said Adrian Morales, who is interested in radio broadcasting. “…Very technologically advanced compared to other campuses that I’ve seen.”

Whatever the reason, the expected 4,000 visitors all have one thing in common  — they are looking forward to being a part of a community.

“I’m excited to work in groups, not just be one person working on something,” Morales said.

“I’m interested in meeting new people that share the same interest and who have the same drive as me,” said Sheena Muyrong, a recent applicant.

“The community, everyone is so nice here,” said Lina Carbone, who starts in January. “Everyone supports each other. It’s just really good vibes.”

The college’s annual portfolio review day for students wanting to get into Animation, Craft and Design, Photography and Illustration was also held last weekend.



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