College Cuisine Corner #1: Ramen


It’s no surprise that instant noodles are popular among college students, they’re cheap, easy to make, and can be bought in bulk. Making it exactly as it says on the packet can be boring though, especially if you’re making it often. Here’s a way to spice things up by making a more Asian-styled ramen noodle dish using nothing but ingredients you can find at any grocery store.

Instructions (with visuals)

Written Instructions
1. Gather all the ingredients together before preparing. This includes one to two packets of instant noodles, a bag of frozen vegetables, one egg, some powdered chicken broth mix, a bottle of soy sauce, and a bottle of sesame oil.
2. You’ll also need a kettle or pot for boiling water, a colander or medium to large straining bowl, two bowls, one for the soup and one for the vegetables, and a tablespoon or fork for mixing.
3. Take noodles out of packet and place in bowl, and pour soy sauce and/or sesame seed oil into noodles before adding the boiling water
4. Place plate or paper towel over bowl to trap heat and let the noodles simmer.
5. Carefully place egg into kettle (or pot) to hard boil. If in kettle, boil about 4-6 times, taking 2-minute breaks between each boil.
6. Take one or two cups of desired vegetables and put them in the microwave for 2 to 2 1/2 minutes or however long instructed on the packaging in a microwave safe bowl.
7. Break up and loosen the noodles before straining them in the sink with a colander or straining bowl.
8. Place boiled egg in bowl of cold water for up to 5 minutes.
9. Season the heated vegetables in any desired seasonings (garlic powder, salt, etc.)
10. Boil more water and mix with flavour packets and chicken broth to create the soup, stirring generously for about 2 minutes, adding more broth if necessary, for desired taste.
11. Place noodles into the bowl with the broth while it’s still hot.
12. Add seasoned and heated vegetables, mixing with the broth and noodles so all the flavours get to know each other.
13. Shell and cut hardboiled egg in half before placing it on top of the noodle pile, adjust accordingly for aesthetic appeal.
14. (Optional) Use chopsticks for an even more traditional experience.

15. You’ve now made a more authentic ramen bowl. Enjoy!

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