Sheridan College’s library is a reliable resource you should take advantage of


Taking full advantage of the helpful resources provided at Sheridan College’s Library and Learning Services is something that could make a difference to most students.

Sheridan Library and Learning Services. Photo credits to Sarah Webster

There’s something for everyone at the library. No matter what program you’re in or what you’re interested in.

“The library is a great place to get work done in a quiet environment with minimal distractions,” said Matthias Bossé, a second year Sheridan College photography student. Bossé sits at tables in the library to work on projects and discuss group assignments with friends.

The library isn’t just useful for a quiet workspace or for working on school assignments, though. There’s so much more. You can borrow books, use a study room, book a tutor, learn how to cite in a variety of ways, such as APA or MLA. There are data services and information that are also used by the faculty of Sheridan. You can even access LinkedIn Learning (previously for video tutorials. All of this information is available on the Sheridan library website as well as in the library itself.

  • Tutoring
  • Study rooms
  • Borrowing
  • Citing
  • Data Services
  • LinkedIn Learning
Aisle of books. Photo credits to Sarah Webster

“We have, I would say the best library collections budget of all colleges in the province,” said Joan Sweeney Marsh, director of the Library and Learning Services at the Trafalgar campus.

Sweeney Marsh added that services in the library have benefited all sorts of students over time, from those who have struggled to stay in a course but ended up passing with the help of the tutoring centre to students who have been able to bump up their grades from a B to an A so they can go to a graduate school, get a scholarship, or find a job.  

The library is a place where you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for and get lots of help doing so in person or online.

“We try to be, when it comes to spaces, as flexible as possible to meet the students’ needs for studying,” said Marian Traynor, the associate director of the Library Services.

If you want to know more about the library, you can find information here. You can also follow Sheridan Library on its Instagram and Twitter accounts to always be up to date with what’s going on.

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