Get ready for Sheridan’s student art sale


November 24th is the official date of this semester’s Zine Zone, an independent student art sale. A zine is a non-professional publication typically made out of interest and passion.

The event has become integral to the Sheridan community. The March 2019 zine had over 100 individuals sell their merchandise. The event is primarily run by animation and illustration students.

One organizer is Elyse Martin, an illustration student from Sudbury, Ontario. She has taken over a managerial role in the event since the graduation of the previous organizer Jesse DeNobrega.

“My style is niche,” says Martin, “I take a lot of inspiration from Goosebumps and classic horror.” She has sold with other zines previously, as well as Zine Zone.

Librarian Kimberly Heney says that the Zine Zone, “operate on their own,” apart from the SSU. In preparation for the Zine Zone, the library has put together a display of printed Zines to help generate student interest.

Zine Zone shelf at Trafalgar library.

The event is already making a splash on Twitter with student artists looking to promote their work.

Cindy Yu, a third-year animation student, says she typically starts planning for the sale, “one to two months before the event,” because her product manufacturer is overseas. Because of this time crunch, many sellers like Yu will begin their promotion work and preparation even before the official sign-up starts.

“I really enjoy seeing all the amazing art from all of Sheridan’s students,” she adds.

Posters promoting the Zine Zone will begin popping up at Trafalgar campus in the upcoming weeks, and Martin will be making an official statement on Twitter. She says that this year, “130-160 sellers,” are expected to apply for a spot at the event.

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