Why should students stay active?


Students are encouraged to stay active while they’re in school, but may not understand how important it is to their long-term health and well being.

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Steven Pauhl, the head varsity athletic therapist at the Trafalgar campus says research shows there has been a rise in obesity due to inactivity, which is increasing the risk of health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

“Sitting can actually be the hardest position on your body’s musculoskeletal system increasing the potential for lower back injuries and on the circulatory and nervous system. The brain needs oxygen from the blood pumping in it, without movement the body’s ability to have blood flow through the arteries is more challenging,” said Pauhl.

And there aren’t just physical benefits to exercise. Nadene Boothe, recreation and varsity soccer coordinator at the Trafalgar campus’ Athletic Centre, says exercise is a great stress reliever. She explained, “As you exercise, you release endorphins so, when we’re stressed and the energy is pent-up in us, if we do something that’s active, it releases those negative endorphins.”

Megan Munro, a yoga instructor and studio manager at Power Yoga Canada in Muskoka, believes being active can help students find balance.

“Do your work, have a social life, find time for yourself, whatever that may be, but I think that having an exercise routine and being active really helps relieve that stress that obviously comes with schoolwork,” said Munro.

Trafalgar campus’ Athletic Centre. Photo credits to Sarah Webster

If you’re looking to find a place to exercise you should check out Sheridan’s Athletic Centres. As long as you’re a full-time student enrolled at Sheridan, you have access at no extra cost because it’s included in your tuition fees.

Courtney Godfrey, the facility coordinator at the Trafalgar campus, says they offer students a break from their busy school schedules.

“We always encourage the students to use our facilities to workout, have fun, and ultimately enjoy their time as a Sheridan College Bruin,” said Godfrey.

There are Athletic Centres located at the Trafalgar campus and the Davis campus, and the Hazel McCallion campus is expected to have one soon. No matter what your preferences are and what kind of active routine you’re looking for, you have some options.

Equipment and weights. Photo credits to Sarah Webster

  • Group fitness classes (B-Fit boot camp, cycle fit, yoga, Zumba)
  • Recreational sports leagues
  •  Extramural sports (basketball, cricket, flag football, soccer, hockey, badminton/table tennis, power lifting)
  • Personal training ($25 per session for students)
  • A fitness/martial arts studio that is ideal for karate, yoga, pilates and other instructional activities (offered at Trafalgar)
  • Freedom climber and Jacob’s Ladder (offered at Davis)
The field. Photo credits to Sarah Webster

At the end of the day, being active can make you feel better, both mentally and physically, and you can also make some friends out of it. Boothe says that she’s seen students a lot happier when they’re at the Athletic Centre and it all starts with taking that first step.

“It’s all about progression, small goals lead to bigger goals,” says Boothe.

To keep up to date on what’s happening at the Athletic Centres, you can follow the Sheridan Bruins’ Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page. You can also download the free Sheridan Bruins Sports app called Sheridan Athletics.

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