Breaking down the federal election ridings in the Sheridan community


There are only five days left in the federal election campaign. Although the vote is officially scheduled for October 21, a record 4.7 million people have already cast ballots in the advanced polls. The interactive maps below break down the very diverse ridings in the Sheridan community.

The data were pulled by The Canadian Press election bot. Just hover over the purple circles to see information such as the current MP and average income for each area. Statistics for national averages are listed below the maps, and political parties are identified by their first letter: L-Liberal, I-Independent.

Currently, there are no Conservative, NDP, or Green Party representatives in any of the cities where Sheridan has campuses. However, that could change with this election.

National averages per riding:

  • Population: 103,417
  • Income: $73,050
  • Family Size: 2.5
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