Esports level up at Sheridan

The Sheridan eSports team has added support staff and wants to become a recognized athletics team this year. New managers and a chief varsity officer will coordinate events and practices. Events include campus-wide gaming nights, such as a Microsoft Gaming Night at HMC on October 16th.

The team specializes in 11 different games. Players were selected after two weeks of tryouts in September. “We’ve got a stronger team than last year, with some fresh players,” said Lucas Lemmond, manager of the team and Game Design student.

Lemmond is no stranger to winning. He and two other Sheridan students made it to the ESPN Collegiate Esports Championship last year. The team came in second place, and he’s looking to bring home the gold this term.

Last year only eight universities and colleges had official teams, but this year there are already twenty-four. “New players are a necessity to keep up in the eSports environment,” said Haris Rehan, president of the team.

Esports winners can take home thousands to millions of dollars in prize money. American players make the most–Canadians rank 9th.

The eSports team isn’t recognized as an athletic team at Sheridan and is still designated as a club. Lemmond and the other top players at the college are trying to change that. “We’re looking to get sponsors outside of the school, and to get support from the school, too,” says Lemmond.

Sponsors could help players reach tournaments across the country, and not confine themselves to the GTA.

Part of the group’s goal to be recognized by the school includes a sleek rebrand. A recently unveiled website, reimagined logo, and potential jerseys are steps being taken by the leaders to help legitimize the group.

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