What does the Career Centre provide for students?

The Career Centre at Sheridan College can be beneficial to most students.

The Career Centre.

Lydia Novak, a counsellor at the Career Centre at the Trafalgar campus, said that students sometimes come in because they don’t have much experience, or they’ve never worked before. They’re not sure where to start or what to expect. Novak shared some advice on what she thinks is the best first step for students who are seeking a job:

“Get a really good resume that you’re proud of . . . start with volunteering. Have some sort of experiences that you can talk about. Don’t forget about how important your school experiences are when it comes to what you’ve learned and group projects that can show transferable skills.”

Some of the things the Career Centre has to offer.

Novak also said that the counsellors at the Career Centre help students with the planning process with searching for a job as well as helping them with their next steps. There are a number of both in-person services and online resources.

  • Explore career options
  • Plan further education
  • Find a job
  • Get hired

There are also students who help other students get ahead. Danielle Lapointe, coordinator of student leadership and engagement, said,“We have some peer mentors who are connected with the Career Centre and they look over resumes, they can give resume critiques, we have an employment consultant who can also help with interview skills and developing your resume.”

Lapointe says there’s also an online job board that’s updated regularly for students who are interested in finding a job within Sheridan.

Sheridan’s online job board.

The Career Centre also helps with planning further education for students who want to learn more about their current area of study, or start a brand new program.

Alyssa Munro, OHL (Ontario Hockey League) reporter and producer, said when she was doing her science undergrad at the University of Toronto, the Career Centre at U of T made her realize that she wanted to branch out to a different program. It also helped her get involved with community television. She later went into radio and television broadcasting at the College of Sports Media and she got involved with both OHL and MLB (Major League Baseball).

Alyssa Munro interviewing former OHL player, Michael McLeod in 2017 following their Eastern Conference Championship victory. Photo credits to Charles Warburton

Sheridan’s Career Centre has a history of helping students learn and have a better understanding of how they can find a job or continue their education. Lapointe says she likes being a part of the learning process outside of the classroom:

“I definitely see a lot of students come in and they gain a lot of confidence,” said Lapointe.

The Career Centre is available to all students at all three of Sheridan’s campuses. To find out more information about what’s going on at the Career Centre, you can follow both its Twitter and Facebook pages, check out its website, or stop by in-person

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