Sheridan President Dr. Janet Morrison speaks to the Brampton Board of Trade

Dr. Janet Morrison, the president of Sheridan College, was invited by the Brampton Board of Trade to speak about the disruptive, positive changes that she is bringing to Sheridan. She focused on her five-year strategic plan, Sheridan 2024, and said that more than 3,000 voices both internally and externally were consulted in its development:

Sheridan 2024 carves out this new and unique space in the postsecondary spectrum that combines our commitment to quality and our commitment to fostering values for communities and industry.”

Todd Letts, CEO of the Brampton Board of Trade said they invited Morrison to speak because she “is one of the community’s most dynamic leaders” and “Sheridan is an integral part of many enterprises in the region.”

Michelle McCollum, associate vice president capital development and facilities management at Sheridan College and also on the board of directors of Brampton Trade, said, “Dr. Morrison was able to engage the business community to talk about the work she is leading at Sheridan.”

Dr. Janet Morrison addressing the audience

Although getting a job is a primary objective for all graduates, Morrison said, “The literature at this point is crystal clear. Attending college or university has a positive impact on values, attitudes and quality of life and Sheridan College prioritizes that.”

Since 1995 Sheridan College has launched 62,800 graduates from the Brampton campus. This includes the former deputy chief of police of Peel region, the CEO of Hydro One Brampton and the current head athletics therapists of The Toronto Raptors and the National Ballet of Canada.

Morrison said, “Since Day 1 Sheridan has been synonymous with creativity which every CEO is looking for. We are the only institution in Ontario to provide the certificate in Creative Problem-Solving. Sheridan has always and will continue to help economic independency to every student and faculty.”

During the question period, Dr. Morrison was asked about plans in place for Sheridan to become a university. She said, in Sheridan 2024, they no longer identify the school as a college or university:

“We believe that the future of higher education is composite. What matters to me is that Sheridan is delivering on its mandate through the amazing work of faculty and staff and to facilitate personal development and transformation.”

Manpreet Mann (Manny), one of the Board of Trade directors said,” The speech showed what disruptive positive change she is bringing to Sheridan. Local employees are in a global war for talent and some of the brightest talents in the world are developed right here in Sheridan College.”

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