Nintendo Direct Introduces Mythra & Pyra

February 17, 2021 marked the return of the Nintendo Direct, an event where Nintendo reveals trailers, teasers and more for their upcoming games. This time around, Nintendo revealed a new character for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

 Following their reveal of Sephiroth, Masahiro Sakurai (Super Smash Brothers Creator) and the Smash development team have revealed a character brand new to the franchise. Mythra & Pyra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 have been added into the game. This is the second character added from the Xenoblade franchise, the first being Shulk.

Mythra & Pyra is a character inspired by an old mechanic that belonged to Zelda in previous games.  By pressing a specific input, players can freely switch between both characters in game. This is the first character since Zelda & Shiek to have this mechanic. The addition of this new character is sure to be an exciting one for Smash players all over the world.

We asked avid Smash Bros player and Nintendo fan Teddy Molina to share his thoughts on the new character. “There’s no character in the roster like her in the game right now. A little bit of change, even though similar to an old character, is nice to have. It’s always nice to have something fresh in a game. Overall a good DLC character to add into the roster”.

With the release of Mythra & Pyra and 2 more characters set to join the roster, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is sure to have more excited fans joining in on the reigns and fun of the new characters.