What Should Students Do After Post-Secondary?


Photo Credit: Forbes

Wondering what to do after post-secondary? Don’t worry.
With the end of April arriving many post secondary students are preparing to graduate. But although graduation is approaching for several, many post secondary students who are soon to graduate, are facing an issue, they are unsure about what they want to do after school is finished. 

Here are 5 things post-secondary students can do after graduating. 

  1. Internships 

Internships are an efficient way for recent graduates, looking for hands-on experience and building on skillful trades. With a variety of internship programs looking for recent post-secondary graduates to take part in their business, it can be tremendously beneficial for them. Though internships pay less than full-time positions they result in building on your portfolio, resume, recommendation and even full-time positions. By participating in different internships, you can develop not only your professional aptitude, and strengthen your personal character by providing yourself with a broad spectrum of opportunity, you can also learn more about the career path you will want to take and assure yourself if that is the path you surely want to continue with. 

“Students should pursue opportunities that are hands-on like internships, volunteer work, etc. It can definitely help. Another thing is less thinking and more doing, maybe you [students] don’t like a job but you have some aspects within the job that you enjoy and that is fine,” said Professor Marty Swanbrow Becker, an associate professor for Florida State University.

  1. Become an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is one of the most beneficial options for someone looking to start their own business one day. Regardless of what path you decide and what study you are specializing in, it is always beneficial to learn aspects of entrepreneurship. Becoming an entrepreneur will build on one’s growth and development because it has the power to improve one’s standards of living by creating further wealth through a great source of income, this is done by exposing one to many skillful abilities since entrepreneurship has the essential tools needed to help someone gain those skills. Recent graduates can benefit extremely through entrepreneurship because it will allow you to build, innovate, drive, and integrity with indestructible skills.

  1. Do Volunteer Work

Volunteer work is great when looking for balance, much like internships, volunteer work allows you to benefit by giving you the hands-on experience to build on your capabilities. In rare cases volunteer work can pay the same as a part-time job. Volunteering is rational for recent post-secondary graduates because it also allows you to connect and help your community, as well as allowing new post-secondary graduates to have the platform to expand their network, make new friends and boost social skills, which will be extremely beneficial for their destined path in the long run, regardless of what they choose. 

“Social aspects are important. If you feel like you belong somewhere it will increase student chances for a brighter future. Getting out there by doing things in the world, and interacting will open more doors,” said Professor Becker. 

  1. Work for Your College 

Working for your college comes with several benefits. Not only will you get paid, but you will also get to work in an environment you are already used to. When working at your own college you will not have to go through the extra mile of learning and starting from scratch when it comes to finding your way around. You will also be working potentially amongst peers and familiar professors, making it more comfortable for you. You will also learn work skills such as; efficient management skills, balance, independence and most importantly you will be giving yourself an opportunity to let yourself enjoy the time working being in a familiar environment. 

“Colleges and universities offer career counselling, which is there to help students explore and give advice on what next steps students can take to achieve their goals,” said Professor Becker.

  1. Take Some Time Off, Build on Your Passion, Turn it Into a Career

Taking some time off after school to evaluate if you want to continue in the desired path you specialized in school, is neutral. Building on your passion is efficient because it allows you to take the necessary time to process how you truly feel regarding what path you want to either continue taking or change. Recent post graduates can use the skills learned in post-secondary like; self-motivation, strategic thinking, time management and personal branding to help you get further in their desired career path. Taking some time off to think thoroughly on your field can strengthen your passion resulting in you wanting to eventually turn your desired field into a career. 

“What students are going through is very real and shape concern, they are not alone. It is important for students to spend some time exploring what they like and what they enjoy out of life. It can make a big difference,” said Professor Becker. “Finding activities that help you feel like you are making a difference will help a lot, finding people who can relate to you and are like you might help you feel better because you have [your people] surrounded by you.” 

In conclusion, not everyone knows what they want to do after post-secondary, and that is fine. Regardless of what pathway you decide to go in, it is always best to choose one that you feel is best suited for you, and not just go into a path because you feel pressured to.