Sheridan Bruins offering Virtual Fitness Classes

Sheridan Bruins offering Virtual Fitness Classes

The Sheridan Bruins are offering weekly virtual fitness classes this spring. The classes last from May 31 to July 26. They’ve also added two new classes – Strength and Stretch and Bhangara Dance.

What can students expect from the virtual classes?

“My classes are going to be a strength and stretch session so the first half of the class will be your typical strength exercises so lower body upper body and core, and then we’ll cool down with a yoga-inspired stretch, these classes are perfect even if you are a beginner because I will be doing regression and progression so no one will be uncomfortable with the exercises,” said Harnaaz Kamboj, fitness coach of Strength and Stretch.

Much of the class is similar to yoga. Participants are encouraged to turn their cameras on if they are comfortable doing so. This allows the coaches to make corrections with positioning.

Kamboj offered this advice for students just starting their fitness regime.

“You can pick your interests. If you are interested in the high intensity interval training or you like the dance classes or you like the strength classes, you really get to pick what your most comfortable with,” he said.

Classes are offered weekly. If you are interested in joining the virtual fitness classes you can register here.