Halo Fans are eager for New Halo Infinite

Story by Alina Hashmi

Halo Master Chief Mk 6 character helmet. Photo by Nathan Dumlao. 
Halo Master Chief Mk 6 character helmet. Photo by Nathan Dumlao. 

Halo fans are awaiting the release of the new Halo Infinite game launching on December 8th on Xbox and PC after four years since the last game was released.

“We are getting a lot of traffic in the store, looking for info. It’s a title, and it definitely got a lot of hype,” said Leila Hall, a part-timer at EB Games in Oakville.

Halo has sold over 81 million copies worldwide. Hall tells the Sheridan Sun that many people are excited for the kind of story we are going to see. She also mentions that she hasn’t noticed many pre-orders for the game because it is available on Gamepass online.

So what’s new for Halo Infinite? According to Xbox, Halo Infinite has 4K graphics and offers cross-platform play. It has reduced load times and is up to 120 frames per second. New equipment and upgrades are available in this game. The plot of the game is inspired by Halo one: Combat Evolved. Halo moves forward in a whole new direction while staying connected to what came before it. The game is easier to pick up for new players.

The game has disappointed some Halo players. Ahsan Khan is a video game enthusiast from Mississauga. “Halo lost its spark a while back,” said Khan. Some fans feel the franchise continued so they could make the most money but that the Halo series should have ended long ago.

2 Halo cosplayers. Photo by William Tung. 

“It’s the same old redundant play style. Nothing has changed. The story has barely progressed,” said Khan.

Others like Hall disagree. “I think even though Halo is a game of the past, it’s got a very strong presence, and I think especially with the title, it will become a game of the future. It’s going to have a lot of players, a lot of old players,” said Hall.

November 15th, 2021, was Xbox’s 20th anniversary. To celebrate, Halo surprised gamers by releasing the beta version of Halo Infinite multiplayer mode. It is available on all its regular platforms. Season one: Heroes of Reach with all the core maps is available in the beta. Progress in the game during the beta will be saved until the official release date.

Infographic by Barbara Nani