Thrift Shopping

Story by Cassy Nicholls, Taneal Lockstadt and Kael Blackburn

With the cost of everything increasing, many people, including students use second hand shopping as a way to get new clothing without paying the full price. Even though lots of people shop for fun, many people outgrow clothing and need a few new pieces of clothing. There are many benefits to thrift shopping. This of course has its financial benefits but is also better for the environment.

Different students say that thrifting isn’t something that they have to do, but something that they choose to do. Polina Rose, a Sheridan journalism student, says that she likes to buy second hand clothing because each item of clothing tells its own story and comes with its own adventure.

While purchasing through a thrift store or reseller may be beneficial to our economy, Sheri Pavlović, known as the ‘Refashionista’, says that only 15% to 20% of clothes that are donated actually end up on the stores floors to be sold, and the rest are sent to different countries or go to landfill sites.

When getting rid of your old clothing that might not fit or that you don’t reach for, it is best to donate it to not for profit organizations that can utilize the funds. If you aren’t willing to up-cycle your clothing, most pieces have to be taken to a recycling depot, because of the materials used in the clothing. If you are willing to donate there are other place that are willing to take clothing, many shelters accept clothing for their residents.