Flooding Awareness

By Cassy Nicholls and Kael Blackburn

With the warm weather, comes flooding. This has impacted Canadian’s significantly this year. Flooding in the spring is mainly caused by the increasing temperatures of the melting snow and precipitation changing to rain. This increases the amount of water that flows into the nearby lakes and streams, causing the amount of water to become larger than the area that it usually flows through. This mixed with seasonal storms, causes spring flooding, which has greatly increased.

Satinder Brar, Professor at York University, says that being aware of our environmental footprint could also positively impact the prevention of flooding. With floods being the number one natural hazard in Canada, being aware of how to prepare for a flood could change the outcome it has on you.

To keep your home prepared for a flood you can making sure that your house has good drainage, installing a sump pump, and keeping anything important in basements up off ground level. In the event of a flood, make sure that you have an emergency kit nearby. If you must leave your house, follow specified routes, and avoid areas with high water. After a flood, do not re-enter your home until you have been advised that it is safe. Do not enter your home unless the main power switch was turned off before you left. Look for any structural damage before you enter. Make sure to record the details with pictures or video, all the damage for insurance purposes.

Barbara Robinson, President of Norton Engineering, who is also the National Sewage Expert, says that installing a sump pump and making sure that it is in good working condition, can protect your family from having flooding issues. Robinson says that ensuring your flood prevention equipment is working properly should be inspected bi-annually, when you are checking other protection devices in your home, such as your fire alarms.

With floods increasing, water safety becomes an increasing concern. If you see areas that are flooded, or have higher than usual water volumes, make sure to take certain precautions to keep yourself safe. Always make sure that children are supervised around water. For any more information on flooding, and how to take proper precautions please visit How To Prepare For a Flood.