Chatter that Matters with Tony Chapman and Jesse Jones

Story and photos by John Gardiner and Logan Girard

 Sheridan students had the unique privilege of sitting with Tony Chapman who is the host of the Chatter That Matters podcast this past Thursday at Sheridan’s HMC campus in Mississauga. During the event, Chapman welcomed Jesse Jones. Jesse is a television personality known for hosting Bachelor in Paradise Canada. During their time with the audience, they simultaneously live-recorded an episode of the Chatter That Matters podcast.

Chatter That Matters is a show that aims to inspire listeners through the lens of each episode’s guest. The inspiration for the show comes from Tony’s own difficulties. “I realized some of the best moments of my life were when I had my back against the wall… and I realized there’s a lot of inspiration that come from the speed bumps and sledgehammers,” said Tony. “I think that [the guest’s] journey and sharing what [they] learned along the way, could inspire a lot of people.”

Jones, spoke on a variety of topics throughout the podcast episode. Each gives a semblance of life advice that people could resonate with. The ‘journey’ one takes is a common theme in this show.

Jones spoke at length about his upbringing. He credits his parents for the success he has achieved so far. “It was a beautiful gift seeing your parents creating a path for themselves, and then ultimately a path for you,” said Jesse. He also spoke about the ‘toolkit’ he developed throughout his ‘journey.’ Encouraging listeners to be aware of developing their own toolkit as time goes on. The overall message was to not get discouraged when life is throwing obstacles in your direction.

This event was brought to Sheridan as Dr. Cherie Werhun is unveiling a new program within the college community called S-Sense. S-Sense is a program that focuses on developing that ‘toolkit’ for a professional setting. “S-Sense is a program designed to help you become more resilient, confident, and able to adapt. The program gives you access to innovative technology and experiences that will support your journey,” as quoted on the S-Sense webpage.

While listening to this episode, you will hear an analogy used by Jesse. He explains that baseball players will make the MLB Hall of Fame by hitting two or three balls out of ten. This means you can fail seven times before getting that first hit which will change your life.

 “We all have the opportunity to fail, but we have the choice to try,” said Jones. We hope that Sheridan students can find their S-Sense and make that choice when life throws those curveballs. To try and keep trying.