The Exhibition Sports News

Each week this sports news show looks at the stories and topics making headlines in the world of sports and looks at some of the trending entertainment news too. Join hosts Nick, Tim, and Noah each week as they run down the top sports news.

In this week’s episode, you will hear about…

Sports news

  • The NFL Divisional Round results
  • The late-season collapse of the Philadelphia Eagles
  • The NBA’s 65-Game Minimum Rule
  • The NHL’s All-Star Game coming up soon
  • NHL Player Will Lockwood’s being suspended
  • Tampa Bay’s Steven Stamkos not being traded before the NHL Trade Deadline
  • The finals of the Australian Open taking place this weekend
  • The fight results at UFC 297 in Toronto

Entertainment News

  • Oscar nominations were announced, with Oppenheimer dominating
  • Coachella tickets are now up for sale
  • The release date of Yellowjackets was pushed back due to the Writer’s and Actor’s strikes