An Evening of Inspiration with Kayla Grey

Story by Kenna Wormington

On February 8th, Sheridan’s HMC Campus in Mississauga hosted “An Evening of Inspiration with Kayla Grey,” moderated by Sheridan alumna and radio personality Alicia West. In celebration of Black History Month, the discussion between the two focused on the month’s theme, ‘Finding Home.’ 

Kayla, an award-winning host, storyteller and executive producer of ‘The Shift with Kayla Grey,’ spoke about her experiences being a Black woman in the sports industry. 

“Being the first Black woman to host a sports show in the country, it’s all new for particular audiences who are only used to their stories being told to them one way,” Kayla says. “Also, having to fight for more stories that center women and marginalized communities. I think not many people, for so long, have been challenged in that way, so when you have someone like me being like, ‘no, this matters,’ you’re met with a bit of resistance.”

In 2018, Kayla became the first Black woman in Canada to host a flagship sports highlight show. Kayla hosts and co-executive-produces ‘The Shift’ on TSN. Her work on TSN and promotion of equity and diversity earned her the Canadian Screen Awards’ Changemaker Award in 2022.

“I never say that I’m special or different. I’m just continuing a legacy from a lot of women that were in Canada and wanted to do what I do now, but were told no or just had the door shut in their face. So I reach back for those women. I try to connect with those women and just learn, but also say thank you to those women.”

Through all the challenges in her life, Kayla still finds joy in her work. When asked about the best moments of her career, she says her debut is one of her favourites. “I was eight and a half months pregnant too,” Kayla says. “I think my son’s been with me for all the major milestones of my career.”

Kayla hopes to inspire others with her story and motivate others.

“It is okay to be ‘other.’ It is okay to have other interests, it is okay to come from a different background. As long as you know what makes your heart beat fast and what you want to do in this life and don’t let that go, that’s all that matters.”