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    Covid-19 pandemic guidelines

    FEATURE IMAGE THUMBNAIL BY ROSS CADRANEL The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly altered life at Sheridan and throughout Canada. Campuses are closed and classes are now online. There is also a lot of fear and confusion [...]
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    Sheridan Stars Finale

    And Cut! With the final clap of the board, the Sheridan Stars has finished its run. Join Joseph Della Vecchia and Noah Sheppard as they discuss their podcast journey over the past year. How did [...]
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    Things are changing in the GTA due to COVID-19

    By Gabriela Aguilera, Ross Cadranel, Tommy Desormeaux and Raymond Cabbab The COVID-19 pandemic is becoming more serious. Schools have closed, gas prices have fallen, and places that are typically busy have become ghost towns. The [...]