Scream like Goku from Dragon Ball Z trend hits Toronto

Goku, the main character from Dragon Ball Z, has inspired fans to replicate his scream.

Sheridan Sun reporter Dragan Maricic hit the streets to speak to event organizers and anime fans about the growing trend. 


A meetup for fans of the popular anime series Dragon Ball Z took place September 15, 2017. People gathered together to pay homage to the series and its characters by screaming like the main characters in the show.

The event took place outside of the CN Tower. It was organized by Alex To a student and fan of Dragon Ball Z who was inspired to put the event together on Facebook after seeing a similar one in Central Park in New York City. “It started as a joke that I tagged my girlfriend in,” says To “but then so many people started to show interest.”

The event was scheduled from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. It started small with about 15 people. Passersby familiar with the trend gladly joined in the screaming and conversation about the show and its many aspects. By the end of the evening To said that there were between 30 and 50 people screaming together.

“One kid who took part said the tower was ‘shaking’ because of everyone screaming together,” says Tasha Toulouse, a passerby who took a video of the group.

This trend is spreading all over North America and is being adopted by fans of different anime shows including Naruto and Inuyasha.

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