How Sheridan is helping you stay active

Sheridan College’s Athletic Centre is helping students stay active. Getting to the centre is easy since it is located on the Trafalgar campus. The costs are reasonable compared to local gym prices. The weight room, gymnasium, fitness studio, and cardio room are open to all. Fitness classes and personal training sessions are also available.

Here is what you need to know about Sheridan’s Athletic Centre.

Working out is less costly at Sheridan compared to Oakville’s Glen Abbey Wellness Centre. Students may spend approximately $300 – $400 more if they join Glenn Abbey. 

The cost of Sheridan’s gym membership varies based on who you are:

The athletic centre also offers personal training. The cost is, again, cheaper than Glenn Abbey. You can choose from a single session or purchase 10 sessions at once.

Along with personal training sessions, there are fitness classes. The classes cost $40. This includes 10 classes that run throughout the semester. 

There are different classes you can attend.

Condition combat

This class will strengthen your core while increasing your physical toughness and agility. 

Cycle fit

A cycling program on a stationary bike. This class is a low impact activity.


This helps improve flexibility, build strength, and develop endurance throughout the body. You build a strong core and improve your breathing with controlled movements.

Women on weights

This is a women’s-only class that teaches proper weight-lifting etiquette, technique and routines. It helps improve posture, tone your body, and increase strength.


Increase your flexibility, balance, and strength with this low-impact class.

You can also stay active by joining one of the recreational sports leagues. The co-ed sports offered include volleyball, indoor soccer and basketball. The team registration cost is $50. 

So, there is something for everyone. Whether your too shy to go alone, want to meet new people or want to try something new, Sheridan makes it easy to be active with reasonable prices, to boot.

For more information about costs and classes, visit the website dedicated to the facility. You can also contact Nadene Boothe, Trafalgar Campus’ Recreation and Varsity Soccer Coordinator.